Ilda Labitoria Ramos

November 10, 1921 - April 18, 2021

Ilda “Iding” Labitoria Ramos was born on November 10, 1921 in the town of Dao, Capiz, Philippines. She was the youngest daughter of Ceriaco Labitoria and Teodora Escalada, and beloved sister of Clementia and Pascual.

Upon finishing her own education, Iding began teaching primary school in Dao, where she worked for over 20 years. During the war time, she met and married the love of her life, Leon Ramos, who was also a school teacher. Together, they had three children, Eleanor (“Ely”), Mamerto (“Mert”), and Leonilda (“Nene”). Iding and Leon enjoyed life with one another in Dao until Leon’s death in 1976.

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In 1977, Iding immigrated to the United States, joining Mert and Nene and their families in Los Angeles, California. Ely would eventually join her there as well. In the U.S., Iding became employed by the Los Angeles County Registrar’s Office. After many years of service, she retired in 1999.

In her free time, Iding enjoyed reading, completing crossword puzzles, and watching Wheel of Fortune. She also loved spending time with her family and friends, especially through her favorite past time— playing mahjong! At parties, you could always find her at the mahjong table. Over the past few years, she passed on her skills and love for the game, teaching her grandchildren and great-grandchildren how to play. They all cherished the special time spent with their Lola/Granny.

Iding spent her last years under the love and care of her family as was also adored by the family dog, James.

Iding was known by others to be strong, smart, and independent—well into her old age. She was straightforward and always spoke her mind. She could be strict and stern at times, but also one to make others laugh and smile. Especially to her family, she was very loving and caring in her own special way. With 3 children, 11 grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren, plus 2 more great-grandchildren on the way—Iding lived a long, full life and was beloved by all.